Now it's time to party!
Exciting event tips

With or without a box: Here you can discover unforgettable highlights for a digital experience.

Seminars, training and further education

These smart event modules provide the necessary pep for your employees and customer events. This is how you achieve more know-how, motivation and attention!

Keynote Speaker

Sometimes you need a little more expert know-how to put the finishing touches to an online event. That's why we have the right keynote speaker for almost every topic, who will give you valuable impulses and new insights. Of course, he or she will also be available to answer your burning questions afterwards.

Motivational Speaker

Our smart online motivational speakers provide a real "chakka" feeling live in front of the screen. Inspiring, encouraging and empathetic, they give you the right motivational boost that everyone desperately needs from time to time! Ideal for kickoff, motivation day, exclusive customer event or as a special welcome-back highlight on the first day back in the office.

Attention Bingo

With the attention bingo, you can get the online round going again. Who can cross out all the typical phrases on the cards first? A nice activity for dull meetings.

Health and Fitness

We love to be healthy and fit. That's why we have developed event modules that are really good for your team and/or your customers.

Active break

An active break helps to revive your tired limbs. A professional fitness trainer will get you going and clear your head so that you can concentrate fully on your work again.

Health counselling

If you have to sit in front of a screen all day, you'll soon get a painful lesson from your back. how good that you can prevent this together: Learn live from a health expert, the best tips and tricks for a healthier back.

Organic Vital Box

Our personal insider tip! Free of industrial sugar, vegan, organic and full of power, your participants will be fit for the upcoming online meeting with the BIO Vitalbox. A guaranteed AHA experience. Who would have thought that so much health can taste so outrageously good!

New Work

New Work is more than just a trend for us. These event modules support you in implementing this appreciative work concept.

Heroes Box

We make sure that your event is not only a unique experience with delicious treats - we also turn you and all participants into real heroes! The Helden Box is packed with good things from socially committed, environmentally conscious and climate-friendly producers.

Onboarding Box

Show your new employees that they are right for you - first impressions only happen once! This way, the new team members feel welcome right from the start and become productive more quickly thanks to this motivation. Also available as a subscription - for constantly growing companies.

Welcome Back Box

You want to say thank you to employees who return to the office? Here's the simple solution: the Welcome Back Box. Employees and colleagues will feel your appreciation and will be happily welcomed back to the office. A convenient way to say thank you for sticking it out.

Team Work

These event modules turn people who work together into a strong team. This is how you increase motivation and performance.

Burnt break room

What makes for more team feeling than good old gossip in the office kitchen? Good old gossip in your digital, branded break room! Meet during the seminar break to chat in a chat room in CI design or in the look of a video game - only your favorite colleagues have access ?


Now it's time to get creative: teamBILDing elicits a little artistic genius from everyone! Under our guidance, you will paint your own personal work of art. Afterwards, the results will be photographed and put together to form a "big picture".

Statement Cards

Simply choose a suitable statement from the 8 cards, attach it to the stand and position it in front of the camera. Here you get an impression of our "Statement Cards".

After Work

The simple after-work beer is a thing of the past. With these original event modules you can create great moments for employees and customers.

Quiz evening

Now your logical thinking, acumen and quick reactions are called for! Divided into teams, you will find out who is the smartest. When collective knowledge is called for, you will realise that your sense of togetherness knows no bounds. The quiz evening includes a moderator, DJ and technical support. Find out more here!

Online Wine Tasting

Taste the same wines online and live. The online wine tasting is moderated by a real IHK-certified sommelier. So you have a true wine professional at your side or on the screen who will tell you everything about the finish, aromas, bouquet, etc. Find out more here.

Cocktail Box

Sipping cocktails together even though your friends and colleagues are sitting in front of their screens in other cities or even countries? No problem with the Cocktail Fun Box! You can even mix your own drinks together - for a unique bar experience in your own four walls.

Trade fairs, events and functions

Make the best possible impression, stand out from the crowd and be remembered - child's play with these event modules.

Live DJ

Get into the real party mood on your screens! Accompanied by a live musician, a DJ will get you in the mood for dancing at your online event - but without sweaty crowds and smoky club air. Because there is always a reason to celebrate.

Live Band

Concertgoers trapped in front of the screen love this event tip: experience the broadcast of a private concert or an entire festival together from the studio! Get out the lighters and sing along to your favourite songs - Live in concert on your screen!

Goodie Bag

Whether you want your participants to remember your event for a long time, you want to stand out at a trade fair or you simply want to cleverly distribute your promotional materials - a goodie bag means event marketing in a class of its own.

Magic show

Be enchanted and let your screens take you straight into the world of magic! A real magician combines dexterity with video tricks in an original way and will amaze even the biggest doubters. Here you can get a first magical impression of this event tip.

Juggling Workshop

Concertgoers trapped in front of the screen love this event tip: experience the broadcast of a private concert or an entire festival together from the studio! Get out the lighters and sing along to your favourite songs - Live in concert on your screen!

Popcorn Tasting

You know wine tasting. But have you ever tasted popcorn? Our popcorn specialist will take you beyond the simple "sweet or salty" and introduce you to the extraordinary variety of flavours of this classic snack. Listen to his stories about the production, the history of origins and the socially committed production. More information is available here.