Discover the taste diversity of a classic

- with our popcorn tasting!

Unique online event with premium enjoyment

Sweet or salty was yesterday: the extraordinary popcorn varieties will surprise your taste buds in a completely new way!

Nibbling fun with learning effect

Our popcorn specialist not only tells you the history of the popcorn snack. You'll also learn everything about its production.

Socially engaged banged

The extravagant popcorn is bagged and shipped in the fastest way possible with the support of workshops for the disabled.

Who is Knalle and how does the tasting work?

Popcorn tasting for corporate events

Choose your 6 delicious popcorn varieties and a date for the tasting.

We will send the individual popcorn tasting box to each participant in advance by post.

You take part in the joint event via video telephony. All guests will receive the dial-in code together with the popcorn tasting box.

Don't waste time!

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