The Onboarding Box

Show your new employees that they are right for you.
- the first impression is only made once!

CI design for binding from day one

We not only label the onboarding box with your logo, but can also brand all products in your CI design. We are also happy to include a personal letter and a warm welcome card.

Individually configurable content

You know exactly which cool drinks and tasty snacks should end up in the onboarding box? Or do you need expert advice on box contents with a wow effect? We are happy to support you!

The subscription model saves nerves and time

Are you growing steadily and don't want to ask yourself the same question every month about how to spice up your onboarding? Then the Onboarding Box subscription is the permanent solution for you without the headaches!

This is how you ensure perfect onboarding


Tell us what you would like to see in the Onboarding Box or let us advise you.

We send the individual onboarding box to each new team member in advance by post. If the post office does not cooperate, we will inform you in good time.

Individual tracking of the boxes and personal contact in case of delivery problems are included in the price.


Your company is growing every month and you make it a point to give each newcomer a proper welcome.

But at some point you run out of creativity? Then you can put an end to the recurring pondering with our subscription model.

The Onboarding Box is available as a subscription for €19.90/month net (plus shipping).


The perfect introduction to the company begins with the opening of the onboarding box. The new employees immediately feel welcome and connected to you. Experience shows that this feeling has a long-term effect on the motivation of the newcomers.

You can also organise an online onboarding event to go with the box. We will be happy to advise you, recommend suitable event tips and, if you wish, take over the complete organisation.

Professional onboarding from as little as €29.99

It couldn't be easier: welcome your new addition with one of our ready-made onboarding boxes!

Don't waste time!

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