The highlight at every hybrid and live event:

Surprise your participants with an exclusive goodie bag

Event marketing in a class of its own

Whether you want your participants to remember your event for a long time, you want to stand out at a trade fair or you simply want to cleverly distribute your promotional materials - a goodie bag means event marketing in a class of its own.

Unmistakably unique

Goodie bags are highly coveted merchandise at every hybrid and live event. What's more, you leave a lasting impression with these small gifts. That's why we take care of the packaging of existing customer advertising materials as well as the CI branding of new products.

You have the idea - we do the rest

You want to hand out cool goodie bags at your event. But oh dear - who will store all the goodies until the event and who will pack the bags? Who will do the CI branding and who will organise the transport to the event? Many questions, one answer: WE!

Own advertising material for company events
We can pack your own promotional items in our boxes and create personalised boxes in your CI.
Goodie bag with your CI - Online Event Box

Don't waste time!

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