Share more than just your screen with our online event boxes -

inspire your participants with one of our unique event tips!

The work is done and the feet are already up. The after-work beer, the reward chocolate bar and other delicacies from the After-Work Box are ready and all colleagues come together on their screens in the online event - and then there's a real highlight!

Suddenly, rousing beats are booming out of one of the chat windows. A DJ has joined your after-work party and brought along a saxophone player! This creates the right party atmosphere for your digital after-work party.

Or you just can't stand the boring video conference screens any more and want something original for your after-work event. How about interactive fun meetings in different party rooms? Everywhere there is a different event and you can hop from room to room as the mood takes you.

Let your after-work event become a unique moment where you experience an intense and new togetherness!

Anything is possible - with our event tips!

Get into the real party mood on your screens! A DJ accompanied by a live musician will get you in the mood for dancing at your after-work event - without sweaty crowds and smoky club air. Because there's always a reason to party after work.

A good party thrives on the fact that you can wander from room to room until you find the cool people with the interesting topics of conversation. With us, you can do that online too: Explore the different online party rooms at our interactive fun meetings. Each room has its own charm and comes up with an original event. There's no chance of getting bored after work!

Tired of boring video conference screens? Then the branded party floor is just the thing for you! In the corporate CI, you can create a special feeling of togetherness among your employees at your virtual meeting.

We know speed dating - now come speed meetings! According to the roulette principle, no one knows with whom they will share their screen next. The special surprise effect really gets your after-work event going.

Enjoy this magical evening together when a real magician takes you into a completely new reality in his digital magic show. Unique special effects and professional dexterity will leave you amazed in front of the screens.

Compete against each other in teams at the quiz evening and choose the smartest among you. Together, you'll solve tricky questions and really get to thinking. This is a fun way to strengthen your self-confidence and team spirit. The quiz evening includes a moderator, DJ and technical support.

The world champion of juggling teaches you the art of juggling in a 30-minute workshop. This is not only a lot of fun, but also helps you to concentrate and forget the stress of the working day! The juggling balls will be sent to you in advance with your online event box.

Put on your baking apron and get your hands on the flour: now you can bake sweet delicacies together! Everyone is in their own kitchen, but via the screens you all become part of a hilarious BakeNight - including ingredients and professional instructions.

In teamBILDing, each participant paints from the comfort of their own home. We will give you practical tips and creative impulses. Afterwards, you send us a photo of your painting and we put it together to create a unique work of art.

Are you ready for a first-class online seminar? Then let us know quickly what you want! We'll get in touch with you and clarify all the details together.

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