The World Cup Boxing!

Finally together again in the soccer fever?
Then get your personal World Cup flair with the World Cup Box simply at home, in the office or at your venue!

The two can be seen!

A round thing

You will find in our Store our motivatedly compiled WM boxes with many delicious snacks. More soccer fever does not go! Gladly you can also send your own products in your WM Box on request.

Versatile use

Whether you want to use your WM Box as an analog tool for your online or hybrid event, or distribute it as a goodie, we can make it all happen and ship it to your home, office or venue!

Your box in your CI

With your company's CI design, you create a recognition effect that you can also use for the WM Box. Because we not only design the packaging and filling materials, but also the products in your CI design.

Don't waste time!

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